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Kingdom of Odrisi
The Thracian relationships with the other nations activated the political life, which resulted in a military consolidation. For the first time Odrisi managed to create a durable alliance. With tsar Teres at the head, was set the beginning of the first Thracian nation – the Kingdom of Odrisi. It stretched out from the upper streams of theMarica River and the Tundza River to the coasts of the Black, Marble and Egeisko Seas. Its first capital was Kabile. Later on Sevt III founded Sevtopolis (today it is situated at the bottom of Koprinka dam, near Kazanlak).  

Led by the Teres’ son – Sitalk, the kingdom widened considerably. According to Tukidid, the Odrisi lands began from Abdera at the mouth of the Mesta River and spread all the way to the mouth of the Danube River.

In the reign of their first rulers, Kingdom of Odrisi, stood at the threshold of its biggest prosperity, which transformed itself into a foremost rioted military force.

The last great Odrisi tsar was Kotis I(4th century BC). Under his reign, the Kingdom of Odrisi achieved its original peak of political life.

After the Kotis death, the Kingdom of Odrisi was separated into three parts. A period of decentralization and differentiation of new area government organization, set in. Years of decay supervened.

‘Led by Sevt III the revived kingdom achieved new progress. He was a strong ruler, he kept a big army and he built inaccessible fortresses. He was the first one to coin money with his face on them.

The death of Sevt III, gave a chance to the kelts to rush from north. Soon the invaders ware chased away but then another, much dangerous enemy appeared – the Romans. They were the first ones to create one of the few mighty empires ever existed – the Roman Empire.
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Kingdom of Odrisi
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