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Pre-history of the Thracians
Around 6000 years ago, between the fifth and the second millennium B.C., the climate became warmer and the icebergs on the Earth quickly started melting. The water in the oceans and seas rose with 3 meters. At that time was also the first invasion of horse-tribes, coming from the Steps from the East Europe and Mala Asia. In this way the Thracian tribe community was formed.

Ancient Thrace was famous for its agriculture and animal-breeding, grain cultures export, brand horses as well as precious metals such as silver and gold. Vinery and winery were general agricultural occupations.

The ordinary people lived in small villages, the kings and the higher society-in fortifying castles. Many fortifications began turning into towns. Studying the Thracian tombs and towns, from which the best known is the town of Sevtopolis, we can  consider the builders were very good at mathematics and geometry as well as the secrets of the fine arts-they painted complicated geometric combinations, fantastic animals, even human faces.

As most people at that time, Thracian tribe’s members were pagans-they believed in many gods and goddesses. Thracians strongly believed in immortality, which compares them with the great gods. Because of that they honoured Orpheus and his doctrine was called Orpheism after his name.

After 8-th century B.C. on the Black Sea and the Aegean sea shores of the Balkan peninsula began to appear villages of Hellenic settlers-Enos, Vizantion, Mesembrie, Odesos etc. The contacts with the ancient Hellenes quickened the process of consolidation of the authority among the Thracian tribes. In 500 year B.C. for the first time the tribe Odrisi succeeded in creating a mighty and constant country organization in Southeastern Thrace. It was founded by tsar Teres.

The history of Thrace comprises the time between the falling of the tribal system to the conquering of the last Thracian countries by Romans. The Thracians have no alphabet and books so their history is hard to be explored. Despite the significant progress in discovering facts for the Thracian community, cultural development and history, Thracians have always been a mystic tribe lived on our lands thousands of years ago.
Pre-history of the Thracians
Kingdom of Odrisi
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The Kazanlak Tomb
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The mound "Ostrusha"
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